MRTSA Staff and Ambulance will be collecting toys for children out front of Caste Village Commons on Light Up Night Dec. 7th from 5pm-7:30pm.

MRTSA Staff and Ambulance Toys for Tots Collection

Let’s make this the biggest collection yet! Please come with a toy to donate and let’s show how our community cares. Let’s fill that ambulance!

What kind of toys can you donate?

  • New
  • Un-wrapped
  • Go for the $10 or above price range.
  • Books
  • Homemade Toys are also accepted.


Toys not accepted:

  • Used Toys
  • No toys that look like realistic weapons please.
  • Toys with candy or food
  • Toys with chemicals ( i.e., experimental labs, things with liquids, nothing that you wouldn’t like being opened on your living room floor )

Thank you so much and thank you MRTSA staff for serving our community. We appreciate you and look forward to helping with the Toys for Tots campaign. See you at Light Up Night.  

Learn more about the MRTSA online at:

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