Spooktacular at Caste Village 2018 was a huge hit!

The children looked fantastic and the costumes were so creative. Caste Village cannot thank it’s merchants enough for participating in the family fun by greeting guests and handing out candy and smiles. This was such a wonderful day and the weather cooperated as well. It was much cooler this year in the 50’s over last year which was in the mid 70’s. Attendance was down slightly, but there were still a lot of children and families dancing, trick or treating and riding the horse drawn carriage around the parking lot. 

DJ Steve Maffei Jr brought his professional enthusiasm and engaging personality to the outside entrance of the Caste Village Commons.

He played  and fired up the crowd with flair. His real strengths were managing the crowd and directing the costume contests. Children and parents alike had their hands in the air feeling the music as it pulsed through the community shopping center parking lot. The Whitehall Lions Club had the challenge and fun job of selecting winners of the costume contest and it was no easy task to pick the winners, with all the great costumes. Some costumes were so amazing though you couldn’t help but hope it this one would win, no that one should win on and on, as you passed happy children proudly donning their creations. Parents were glowing and we are so happy about that. It was really incredible some of the lengths that our community parents went to creating these costumes. Caste Village can only say thanks and way to go! It was wonderful. 


Caste Village is lucky to have such a dedicated and friendly police presence in our community.

We appreciate you all and your efforts to keep us safe. Our merchants are the real back bone of our shopping center and it is so fantastic that they are excited and participate in these community events. Spooktacular 2018 was an wonderful event and we want to thank the Caste Village Staff that put it all together, the Whitehall Lions Club, Dj Steve Maffei Jr, our horse drawn carriage drivers, Caste Village merchants and most of all our incredible community. Caste Village couldn’t be more happy to be where we are and part of Whitehall Community. Thank you for making is such a wonderful Spooktacular. See you next year. The Shoppes of Caste Village https://castevillage.com