caste-village-logo-optimizedWhat is Caste Village?

Caste Village is a community-oriented center for shopping, dining, recreation and services located in Whitehall in the South Hills region of Pittsburgh.

We have been welcoming customers since 1951. It was the innovative concept of its founder, an Italian immigrant who saw the need for a “village center” where local families could shop and socialize long before “planned communities” became a common.

Starting with 12 stores, and now hosting over 44 tenants, Caste Village has grown and changed with the times and continues to attract new merchants and customers.

Caste Village 25

Convenient and Customer-Oriented

Caste Village is a preferred destination for many South Hills shoppers to get groceries, pharmacy service, gifts, medical care, automotive service, do banking, or go bowling and enjoy a great lunch or dinner.
Our merchants are friendly, hard-working and ready to help. Many have been here since Caste Village opened and others choose to locate here because they appreciate our community-oriented philosophy.
Caste Village has 44 merchants and service providers on our tenant roster. Management continues to recruit unique tenants and add services that strengthen Caste Village’s reputation as a dynamic and successful shopping venue.

Everything You Need in One Place

Caste Village Commons

This is a great place to shop and spend time. Come for groceries or the drug store, and while you are here, stop at the postal station, choose gifts and cards, meet a real estate agent, see the eye doctor, get your car inspected, have your hair cut and nails done, buy a new dress — and don’t forget to bring home dessert, wine and flowers.

All this activity will make you hungry, and Caste Village has 12 great restaurants and food/beverage venues waiting to serve you.

Planning to meet family or friends at Caste Village? Our indoor “Commons” area is spacious and welcoming, offering comfortable seating, tables, television and Wi-Fi so you can catch up news, sports and email, or enjoy casual conversation.

Community Connections

Caste Village has been a central part of its community since the day plans for the shopping center were imagined. It is literally located in the center of residential Whitehall, and easily accessible to residents of the neighboring communities of Brentwood, Castle Shannon, Mt. Lebanon, Bethel Park, South Park, and Pleasant Hills.

People come to Caste Village for shopping, services and dining — and sometimes just to see their neighbors. Families come for breakfast, lunch and dinner – or maybe an ice cream treat after school or church. Some come to see their doctor, lawyer, accountant or insurance agent, or to take a dance lesson or visit the tanning salon. Others come for fitness, bowling and socialization.

Bowling is a great way to spend your time, but bowling at Princess Lanes is fantastic. This is the biggest bowling alley every and there are plenty of automatic scoring lanes.
Bowling is a great way to spend your time, but bowling at Princess Lanes is fantastic. This is the biggest bowling alley every and there are plenty of automatic scoring lanes.

Caste Village has thrived because of the strong community spirit that links us with local businesses, churches, government and residents. In many ways, Caste Village has served as the unofficial community center of Whitehall since its doors opened in the 1950s, and that relationship continues today.


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